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Ready. Steady. Go! —

Öffentlicher Raum | Wettbewerb 2010, 1. Preis | 2010

Wettbewerb: Pilotprojekt Jakomini - Visuelle Klammer | Ort: Graz, AT | Bauherr: Stadt Graz, Creative Industries Styria | Fläche: 4.600 m2 | Architekten: Janser, Koller | Visual: Castorina | Applikation: vktec | Photos: Jasmin Schuller, Ocho Resotto, Wolfgang Hummer, Sabine Hoffmann

Visual enclosure
The area around the Jakominisquare – especially Jakoministraße and Klosterwiesgasse – lost more and more of its importance in the recent decades. Simultaneously urban planning in this particular zone was neglected. The shopping area lost its former customers considerably. Recently the two veins are very much affected by strong traffic and have a lack of atmosphere. Furthermore the streets and the sidewalks are narrow and lead people to main traffic points of the city. However, which qualities may attract pedestrians, tourists or flaneurs to go into this quarter? The tendency should be turned around: the shrinking number of little shops and the rising number of capitulating businesses should be re-balanced by supporting the settlement of the so called ‘creative scene’.The Creative Industries Styria (CIS) started supporting this ambition and the first stage of the development was the announcement of a competition.

Ready. Steady. Go!
On the lookout for a visual enclosure for the two streets the project ‘Ready. Steady. Go!’ won the ‚Call for Ideas’.
The result was a red running track of 750 meters length as an urban branding for the Jakomini-quarter. Main idea of the proposal was the design of a clearly readable and positive identity. The Jakomini quarter got a branding – a visual enclosure, a kind of visual exceptional circumstances.
By relocating an extraordinary situation in this urban space a moment of irritation is occurring immediately. The running track that clearly is associated with (pedestrians and) athletes is replaced into a space that was only experienced by its narrow lanes for cars and public transport to this point.